04 September 2008

Two conventions and too much comentary

I was able to watch some of the democratic and the republican national conventions over the last few weeks. I found all of the speeches I heard quite interesting. I also found the commentaries very useless and annoying. I wasn't sure if I was about to hear our government officials speak, or if a daytime soap opera was up next, or if I was watching a Super Bowl pregame show. Due to the difficulty of wading through all of this tiresome blathering, I have consolidated videos of the actual speeches given by the candidates at their conventions.

There will be a series of debates coming up soon allowing us an even better glimpse into the ideas and strengths of the current presidential hopefuls. The first official presidential debate will be September 26. The first official vice presidential debate will be held on October 2. You can find more details at the You Decide 2008 website.

Many thanks to CNN for making these videos available.

Joe Biden's Speech

Barak Obama's Speech (Part 1)

Barak Obama's Speech (Part 2)

Sarah Palin's Speech

John McCain's Speech (Part 1)

John McCain's Speech (Part 2)

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