28 April 2009

Gawayne and the Green Knight

I finished another good story recently. This story I listened to instead of read. During my morning workouts I have started listening to stories because, as far as I can tell, either cable providers are completely disconnected to their audience or I am not their audience. Sixty channels of trash was too much for me so now I do my best not to look at the filth on the screen at the gym and focus on a good story instead. I find the stories I listen to on the Librivox website.

Gawayne and the Green Knight is the story Sir Gawayne, a knight of King Aurthur's court. It is a short story written as an old english rhyme in the late 14th-century. I read the modern adaptation by Charlton Miner Lewis. It was a fun story with all the joys of Arthurian legend. There were knights, damsels, and of course a quest. The story was fun and enjoyable to read.

At one point where Sir Gawayne's virtue is tested to the utmost he states the following:
Love? What is love? Not the wild feverish thrill,
When heart to heart the thronging pulses fill,
And lips that close in parching kisses find
No speech but those;--the best remains behind.
The tranquil spirit--the divine assurance
That this life's seemings have a high endurance--
Thoughts that allay this restless striving, calm
The passionate heart, and fill old wounds with balm;--
These are the choirs invisible that move
In white processionals up the aisles of love.
He strikes a point that has been largely forgotten in the world today. Love is deeper than infatuation. Love is more enduring than passion. In our world of quick fixes and fast satisfaction love is being lost. Marriages end with the first disagreement. Families are broken by the unfocused lust for pleasure. There needs to be a return to love being that of healing wounds, calming fears, enduring both pain and pleasure. That is love.


Claire said...

I agree with Candace. You have great insights into how things really are. I'm glad you are my brother!

Neal said...

I'm not their audience either...nice post.