10 August 2007

I've started a book

So I have been working at FamilyLearn for over a year now. I am finally getting around to writing my own book. I got the idea when my son start talking about “three fingered Jack.” I had made up a ghost story on our vacation to the Oregon coast. The kids were restless and I saw a sign that read “three fingered Jack.” I don’t know what the sign was there for, but it gave me an idea for a story. So I started to make up a story about a man named “three fingered Jack”. It was silly and I didn’t think the children even listened…but now months later I hear my son talking about it. This experience made me think that I should record these stories. Hence the book.

The experience writing the story (from a technical point of view) has been very good. The system is working much better than it ever has before. It is actually fun to write there. I didn’t think I would like writing in a web browser, but it was really not too bad. I want to write a few more books and put together some gifts for people as well. But, one at a time is probably best.

My mother is writting a personal history about her father. It has been a lot of fun helping her edit the book and organize ideas and so forth. I can’t wait to see the finished book.


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